How Do You Write an Effective Mission Statement?

Write an effective mission statement by describing what your company does, how it does it, and what value it brings to the market. An effective mission statement should be concise while capturing the heart of your business and setting it apart.

Before you can write a mission statement, you need clear idea of what to include. Write a list of what your company does and how those services or products make you different than competitors. Focus on the value you offer to your customers. Consider your target audience to determine what they need and how your business fills those needs.

The mission statement also helps form your company's image. The wording of the mission statement should support the image you want. If you see your company as creative and fun, don't write a formal, uptight mission statement.

Getting input from others helps develop ideas for the mission statement. Find out what others think regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Acquaintances, employees, partners and vendors are potential sources for feedback.

Develop a basic framework that gets the message across without worrying about the wording at first. Start by explaining what your company does. Support that statement with examples or ways you achieve that goal. Go back to add creative words that help tell a story. Use action verbs and adjectives that fit the image you want to create.