What Were the Most Popular Names for Baby Girls in 2013?


The top three most popular names for baby girls in 2013 were Sophia, Emma and Olivia, as reported by the Social Security Administration. Isabella, Ava, Mia, Emily, Abigail, Madison and Elizabeth rounded out the top 10 list for the United States. BabyCenter reported a slightly different list for 2013 girls' names, which included Lily, Zoe and Chloe in the top 10.

Several of the names have been in the top spots for a few years running, including Emma, which has been the second most popular girl's name since 2010. Changes to this years list included Emily making the list, which was previously number 11, and Madison dropping down to the teens in popularity.

Parents choose baby names for a variety of reasons, including to honor a family member or to commemorate a special place or memory, but pop culture also has an influence on which names take the top spot. Number four on the most popular girls' names of 2013 list, Isabella may have risen to popularity because it is the female lead's name in the popular "Twilight" fiction series. This is also true for boys names, with number nine for the 2013 boys' names list, Jacob also possibly enjoying its rise due to the male character in the same book.

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