What Were the Biggest News Stories of 2014?


According to ABC News, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was the biggest news story of the year, with the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 17 also making major headlines. The Winter Olympics and the World Cup were also widely covered, prominent news stories in 2014.

A number of conflicts also became long running news stories in 2014, including the Ukraine conflict and the escalation of hostilities in the Israel and Hamas conflict. Furthermore, a new terrorist threat in the form of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria began to gain notoriety due to ongoing campaigns against Iraqi authorities, and the brutal methods of execution they employed against prisoners.

Major news from the United States also took the world stage, as 2014 saw the loss of acting and comedy legends Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. Williams tragically took his own life while trying to cope with the onset of Parkinson's disease, while Joan Rivers died only a few weeks later as a result of cosmetic surgery complications.

Further major U.S news stories of the year included the increased use of excessive force by police forces, resulting in a number of shootings of unarmed youths, including Michael Brown. These cases sparked ongoing protests and demonstrations across the country.

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