What Are Some Well-Known Banks That Offer Business Checking Accounts?

Well-known banks that offer business checking accounts include Bank of America, CitiBank and Wells Fargo, explains Fit Small Business. These major banks offer business checking accounts that rank as the best value for small businesses, as of 2015. Other banks to consider include U.S. Bank, Navy Federal Credit Union, First Citizens Bank and PNC, recommends Investopedia.

Bank of America, CitiBank and Wells Fargo rank as three out of the four largest banks based on deposits in the United States, as of 2015, explains Fit Small Business. JP Morgan Chase rounds out the top four but offers inferior business checking services. Bank of America offers a free integration with Quickbooks and provides details about fees associated with accounts, to promote transparency. CitiBank, however, does not openly list details on fees for business checking accounts. Bank of America also ranks as cheaper on fees than Wells Fargo.

U.S. Bank offers free business checking accounts with no monthly maintenance fees, online and mobile banking, and free bill payments, reports Investopedia. U.S. Bank also has ties to other financing products for business owners and allows for free invoicing. At Navy Federal Credit Union, free business checking accounts offer mobile and online banking as well as free bill pay. Navy Federal also, however, pays interest on business checking accounts.