What Are the Best Websites to Win Prizes?

What Are the Best Websites to Win Prizes?

Online-sweepstakes is an excellent prize website, according to stuffparentsneed, with prize categories that include items suitable for anyone. Categories range from food and drink and kid stuff to CDs and videos and sports events. Sweepstakes categories are updated daily and are broken down into new, expiring and expired contests. Contest participants must register for a free membership, and a paid premium membership is also available.

Tightwad in Utah is another prize-giveaway site recommended by stuffparentsneed. All of the prizes on this website are family friendly, including items like DVDs, books and beauty and personal care products. The site specializes in giveaways that are limited to a low number of entries, typically only 200 or 300.

Stuffparentsneed also recommends Just Sweep as another lucrative prize site. Just Sweep allows participants to check out sweepstakes by category, entry type and location. Prizes on this site range from gift cards to event tickets and personal care products. Prizes on this site are posted in a Pinterest-type format.

Contestgirl requires participants to sign in before signing up for contests, some with large prizes, including airline tickets, vacations and substantial gift cards and cash prizes. The site also offers a variety of blogs and a newsletter.

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