On Which Websites Can You Stream Tagalog Language Movies for Free?

Major websites that stream movies in the Tagalog language are MyPinoy.tv and AngatPhillipines.com. MyPinoy.tv is a website that is completely secure and legal. However, the legality of AngatPhillipines.com is somewhat ambiguous, so caution is recommended when using that website.

MyPinoy.tv is a freemium website, which means users can watch several Tagalog movies on it completely free of charge, but to get access to the full range of content and features for the site, users must have a paid premium account. It is only with a premium account that users can enjoy an ad-free experience, access all the content on the site and get English subtitles. However, even with a free account, the movies are high quality and can be replayed. In addition to Tagalog movies, MyPinoy.tv also hosts television shows, animated shows and game shows from the Philippines and Asia.

AngatPhillipines.com gives users full access to all its movie content without requiring a premium account. The website has a disclaimer claiming the movies on it are protected under public domain. It assures that if any copyright holders take issue, the website takes down the offending content. However, the legality of such a website is still dubious, so use of it is not recommended.