How Do You Find Websites Where You Can Download Free Movies?


Find websites to download free movies at, and These sites offer free films in the public domain that are completely legal to download.

Public Domain Torrents offers a wide selection of classic public domain films in genres including horror, action, animation, comedy and drama. The site allows users to browse by category or movie popularity, and the main page highlights new uploads. Users can also download apps to watch the movies on iPods, smartphones or other portable video devices. All the films on Public Domain Torrents are available in torrent format, meaning users must have a torrent client program in order to download them.'s movies category offers an enormous selection of old films and videos, from documentaries and horror films to World War II propaganda. The site arranges its films by tags, allowing users to browse by genre, era, language or other keywords. Users can stream the movies on the site or download them. is another site featuring a vast selection of free movie downloads, including science fiction, drama, sports and comedy. From the site’s main page, users can browse new movie additions or search for specific titles. Users can also browse the site’s extensive selection for films by year or by title. Movies on the site are available to stream or download in a variety of formats.