What Are Some Ways to Get Free Prescription Glasses?

Some ways to get free prescription eyeglasses are to apply for assistance from various nonprofit organizations such as New Eyes for the Needy and Vision USA. These organizations generally restrict eligibility to low-income or unemployed individuals and families with no other resources available, such as government-sponsored insurance or health care.

New Eyes for the Needy provides free eyeglasses to uninsured, low-income, elderly and indigent individuals through a voucher program and partnerships with various charities and local service organizations. Beneficiaries receive a voucher for eye exams and glasses that they can redeem from participating providers.

Vision USA is a nonprofit organization comprised of doctors and optometrists who donate their time and services to low-income, uninsured and unemployed individuals and families. They provide free eye exams and free prescription glasses to qualified beneficiaries.

EyeCare America is an association of medical professionals that offers low cost or free eye exams and eyeglasses or contact lenses to qualified individuals through partnerships with volunteer ophthalmologists who agree to provide up to one year of eye care to beneficiaries.