What Are Some Ways to Find a Job in Los Angeles?

Ways to find a job in Los Angeles include browsing classified ads, contacting temp agencies and asking for referrals from connections in the area. The job seeker should determine his strengths and use them to market himself.

Classified ads are available online, through websites such as Craigslist.org and LATimes.com. These ads are also available in newspapers. Sites that focus on job postings include CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com, but those sites require the user to create a profile before applying for jobs.

Temp agencies connect job seekers with companies in need of temporary employees. Temp positions are often for office work, so a job seeker who types quickly and has knowledge of many computer programs has a better chance of finding work with these agencies. He should apply to as many agencies as possible to maximize his opportunities.

Making connections is a way for the job seeker to increase his job opportunities. Even if a connection doesn't know of any open positions, he may have helpful tips for the job seeker. If the job seeker doesn't know many people in Los Angeles, he can apply for internships. Internships don't always pay, but they help the intern meet new people.

Companies typically hire candidates who are already in Los Angeles. If the job seeker isn't there yet, he should get a P.O. box in the city to give the impression that he lives there.