What Are Some Ways to Empower Employees?

Empower employees by giving them flexibility, encouraging communication, presenting challenging situations, rewarding success and by example. Employees work harder when they know their efforts are compensated and appreciated.

Organizations can empower their employees by giving them space to make decisions. When managers hover over employees as they're performing tasks, they feel uneasy and nervous. Allowing workers to have more authority means they work harder because their integrity is on the line. Open communication is also very empowering because whenever a problem arises, the employees aren't intimidated about contacting their peers and managers. This helps improve the overall productivity of an organization because multiple minds united in common effort are usually greater than one.

Challenging situations allow employees to show their full potential and help them become better equipped for tougher tasks in the future. Organizations can also empower their employees by rewarding their work ethics and progressive initiatives. Incentives such as extra vacation days and awards such as employee of the month often spur individuals to work harder because people like to be valued for their hard work. Additionally, managers can inspire their employees by leading by example. When employees see the manager working hard, they are motivated to match his work ethic.