What Is the Best Way to Separate an Egg Yolk?

Some ways to separate egg yolks from the whites include using your hands as a sieve or strainer, using a clean plastic bottle to suction out the egg yolks from a bowl of cracked eggs and using a plastic egg yolk separator to catch the yolk. The simplest way is to use your hands as a strainer to catch the yolks.

  1. Prep your station

    Wash your hands before you begin. Set out three clean bowls on a countertop. One should be a small bowl over which to crack the eggs, and the other two should be larger bowls reserved for the whites and the yolks separately. Have paper towels handy to wipe your hands.

  2. Crack the eggs, and separate them

    Crack an egg on the rim of the small bowl. Quickly use one hand to catch the yolk while allowing the egg white to slip through your fingers into the bowl. Make sure you don't allow any of the yolk to slip through. This is especially important if you need to whip egg whites into a light, airy consistency. Even the smallest amount of yolk in the whites results in the whites not whipping properly.

  3. Transfer the yolks and the whites

    Slide the egg yolks out of your hand into the bowl reserved for them. Pour the egg white into the other large bowl. Transferring the whites ensures that if you allow any of the yolk to fall through into the small bowl, the whole mixture remains usable. Continue the process with the other eggs, making sure you transfer the whites into the appropriate bowl each time.