What Is the Way to Remove a Trojan Horse Virus From Your Computer?


One of the simple ways to remove a Trojan horse virus from a computer is to restart the computer in Windows "Safe Mode" and then run an anti-malware application. Trojans are computer programs that are created to perform harmful and malicious actions, which include deleting, modifying and blocking data in a computer, stealing information from an infected computer or becoming part of a Trojan bot network designed to attack specific websites and take them down.

Trojans are also used to allow their creator to control a remote computer, disable a computer or network for ransom, to extort money or to steal an online video game character. To remove a Trojan properly and safely, the computer must have installed an updated antivirus software and the user should have the installer of the operating system on hand. There are certain steps to follow when removing a Trojan horse virus from a computer.

Step 1

Restart the computer and press F8 repeatedly and select Safe Mode. Navigate to the installed antivirus software and disable the automatic fix option, if possible. This gives the user the ability to select or deselect legitimate files that need to be deleted or fixed.

Step 2

Run the antivirus program. Once it is finished, it will give the users a list of the malware and files that needs to be deleted. Select the files to be deleted then click on fix.

Step 3

Use the installer of the operating system to fix files that may have been deleted while running the antivirus program.

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