What Is a Way of Finding the Average Salary in 2014?


To find the average salary in 2014, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website and search for 2014 wage estimates. The bureau maintains records of the average hourly and annual wages for more than 1,000 professions in the United States.

The BLS collects and disseminates the annual occupational employment statistics of all industry sectors at the national, state and metropolitan levels. Individuals can access these statistics by visiting BLS.gov and browsing through a database of choice. Users of the website can view all occupational statistics at once or select occupational groups of interest to view the average salaries. Since the bureau does not post the national average salary, users can download the statistics in an XLS file and compute their averages.

The BLS also allows users of its website to view monthly labor statistics, occupational outlooks and employment trends. Individuals can choose data retrieval tools to customize the economic data posted by the bureau. Alternatively, individuals can find the average salary by reviewing the National Average Wage Index that the Social Security Administration posts every year. The SSA has retrieved salary data from federal income taxes and contributions and has maintained a database of average national salaries and wages since 1951.

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