How Do You Wax Eyebrows?

Wax eyebrows at home by warming wax and applying it in the direction the hair grows. Smooth a wax strip over the wax, and pull it off in the opposite direction.

  1. Buy a waxing kit

    Buy a waxing kit, which is available at most drugstores, spas and cosmetic stores and can also be purchased online. Kit choices include roll-on wax, small pots of wax and wax strips.

  2. Decide on the desired brow shape

    Determine the desired shape of your eyebrows. If necessary, use an eyeliner to mark the hair that should stay, making it easy to remove the hairs outside of the outline.

  3. Apply the wax to brows

    Warm the wax according to package instructions. Apply the wax to clean skin, beginning at the bottom of the brow and moving in the direction of the hair's growth.

  4. Cover with a strip

    If necessary for the type of waxing kit being used, apply a cloth strip in the direction of the eyebrow hair's growth. Smooth the strip over the wax, pressing lightly to make sure the wax adheres to the hair and strip.

  5. Remove the hair

    Use one hand to hold skin taut while grabbing the strip with the other hand. Quickly pull the strip in the opposite direction of the hair's growth. Repeat the process for the middle and top of each brow.

  6. Care for the skin

    Remove wax residue, and soothe the skin in the waxed area by applying an after-wax lotion.