How Do Watch Shaw Brothers Movies for Free? allows users to watch various Shaw Brothers films online for free. Most of the films are action and adventure movies from the 1960s to 1980s. Most of the films also provide English dubbing or English subtitles during the video stream. also provides some commercials while viewing the movies online.

As of 2016, most legal movie streaming websites don’t provide Shaw Brothers films online for free. does provide some “Shaw Brothers Collection” DVDs for purchase that contain some of the studio’s top movies.

Founded in 1958, Shaw Brothers was once the largest film production company in Hong Kong. The studio produced over 1,000 films before it shifted its focus to the television industry, due to its subsidiary network TVB. The company later returned to film production until it eventually became obsolete in 2011.

In 1961, Run Run Shaw officially opened Movietown, which became the new studio for Shaw Brothers. The studio featured 15 stages and two permanent sets with some of the top filmmaking equipment available at the time. During the 1980s, the company started to see a decline and its film productions also began to greatly decrease. The company later relocated to a nearby site that mainly focused on post-productions. As of 2015, Movietown remains an abandoned location and plans are in place to preserve some of the buildings as a historical site.