What Are Some Venison Summer Sausage Recipes?

What Are Some Venison Summer Sausage Recipes?

Venison summer sausage recipes typically use strong spices, and Allrecipes.com features a basic recipe that uses 5 pounds of ground venison, spiced with garlic salt, pepper and mustard seed. A small amount of liquid smoke flavoring enhances its flavor. Most recipes use a sugar-based curing mixture.

To make a simple version of venison summer sausage, combine the ground sausage in a bowl with all the spices, mixing to blend well. Cover the bowl and chill the mixture in the refrigerator for three days, but be sure to stir the mixture during this time. Shape the mixture into five logs, place them on a baking sheet, cover with aluminum foil and bake until done.

Allrecipes.com also features a recipe for venison summer sausage that include cheese and jalapeño peppers. To make this version, combine 3 pounds of ground venison with shredded cheddar cheese, two jalapeño peppers and spices. Bake the sausage between 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and cool them on a rack.

Some recipes for venison summer sausage require the use of sausage casings, and salted casings of high quality are a good choice. Sausage casings must be soaked ahead of time in clean water for a minimum of 30 minutes to remove excess salt.

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