What Are the Uses of Tables With Folding, Adjustable Legs?

What Are the Uses of Tables With Folding, Adjustable Legs?

A table with folding, adjustable legs may be used for indoor or outdoor dining, as a workspace, or as a display table at a flea market or yard sale. It can even serve as an impromptu homework table. The folding legs make the table portable and easy to store.

Folding tables make it easy to turn a backyard into an outdoor wedding reception venue. One option is to use long, rectangular tables for the wedding party, then use smaller round or square tables for guest seating. The adjustable legs make it easy to set up lower kid-sized tables if needed. A solo round table works for displaying the wedding cake. Using a row of rectangular tables along one side of the yard for a buffet station is also an option.

Items displayed at a flea market or yard sale tend to get more attention if they are put on tables rather than spread on the ground. Some flea markets or organized community sales supply folding tables, but it doesn't hurt to bring one or two from home.

A folding table set up in a quiet corner of a bedroom makes a great study space for kids. If more supervision is needed, putting a table in a family room, living room or even the kitchen works. Some tables also have adjustable tops that can be slanted, making it easier to write and draw. Smaller ones work well for kids, but larger versions are often used by architects, artists and designers..

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