How Do You Use Straps for IPhones?

Wrist straps for iPhones are used to keep the phone within easy reach at all times, which comes in handy when wanting to take last minute photos or make videos without fear of dropping the iPhone. The lanyard, or neck strap, has a similar function, but is also designed so the iPhone can fit in a shirt pocket while the strap stays securely around the neck.

For either strap, brackets attach directly to the phone, either with tiny screws or by using an adhesive backing. The strap attaches to the bracket, making the strap easier to remove.The location of the attachment is dependent on the type of bracket and model of iPhone. Most straps also work with phones in cases.

The wrist strap allows the phone wearer to grab the phone quickly to answer it, make an emergency call or to use the camera. It's designed so the phone may be used while attached to the wrist. Some strap kits come with two or more straps in different colors, making it easy to match outfits.

The neck strap is more versatile. It also hides the phone from view because it can fit underneath clothing. Tucked in a pocket, it becomes a hands-free phone and provides music for biking or jogging without using headphones.