How Do You Use "Puzzlemaker" by Discovery Education?

To use Discovery Education's "Puzzlemaker," navigate to the official Discovery Education "Puzzlemaker" website, select the type of puzzle to be created and complete the instructions for that puzzle. Users can select from blank puzzle templates or experiment with pre-made puzzles.

Discovery Education has templates for word search, fallen phrases, math squares, cryptograms and number blocks puzzles, among others. The puzzles are free and require the creator to enter certain information to complete the puzzle. For example, the math squares puzzle requires the creator to give a title for the puzzle, the size of the math squares and the calculation method. The user must also decide if the puzzle will show the instructions for how to complete the puzzle or not.

Other puzzles, like the maze puzzle, require the creator to choose a shape for the maze, the size of the maze, and the number of pixels for each maze square. Creators can choose the types of paths that will be present in the maze, such as mostly horizontal paths, checkerboard paths or random paths.

The pre-made puzzles need no extra information and provide a PDF file of the puzzle. Discovery Education offers three pre-made puzzles: a "Test Your Green IQ" puzzle, a "Math Mind Game" puzzle and a "Parts of Speech" puzzle. All the puzzles can be printed out after creation.