How Do You Use People Finder to Get an Address?


Use People Finder to obtain an address by entering the first and last name of an individual into the Find People section and clicking the search button, as of 2015. This displays a list of names that match the entry along with the last known address.

People Finder searches a series of public records to link together details about names, phone numbers and addresses according to the information a user enters into the tool. By default, it searches for addresses and phone numbers that match a given first and last name. The tool also includes optional fields for limiting the scope of a search by a city name or single state. Search results appear as a series of pages, with 10 entries per page, that begin with exact name matches, continuing with partial name matches further down the list, along with the address of each person.

If that person publicly lists her phone number, the site displays this information beneath the address. Private numbers do not appear on the site, but instead show up as a link to a separate site that conducts more detailed information searches. It is also possible to find an address with People Finder by searching for a phone number. However, these searches do not always return full names and addresses for the number's owner.

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