How Do You Use a Gas Range Safely?


Gas range safety procedures include following the manufacturer's guidelines, keeping flammable items away from burners, using ventilation and keeping the range clean. If the range stops working, enlist the help of a professional repairman to ensure the work is done safely and correctly.

The open flame on a gas range presents a fire hazard. Remove any flammable items, such as towels and paper wrappers, from the range area before you turn on the burner. Keep the stove top clear of any unnecessary items. Wear short sleeves or tight-fitting clothes so your shirt does not ignite when you reach over the stove.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is another safety concern with gas ranges. Proper ventilation removes contaminants, such as carbon monoxide, created during the combustion process. Your range hood fan should vent to the outside to minimize carbon monoxide in the house. Run the fan whenever you use the gas range. Never use the range to heat the room, as this increases the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air.

Proper use and maintenance of a gas range also reduces safety risks. Use the range according to the manufacturer's instructions. Clean the burners regularly to remove grease and food spills that can cause fires. Stay close to the stove when it is in use.

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