How Do You Use to Find Cars for Sale in Charlotte, North Carolina?

To use to find cars for sale in Charlotte, North Carolina, you first have to access the Craigslist homepage and select the correct country, state and city from the provided choices. Failing to narrow the search can result in promising search results that are prohibitively far away.

Once you have selected the "U.S.," "North Carolina" and "Charlotte" links from the homepage, you access the classifieds for the correct area. On this page, you see many categories of classifieds, including community, housing or jobs. To find cars, you have to look under the "for sale" category and select the "cars + trucks" link. Craigslist then offers you three ways to view cars and trucks for sale: all cars and trucks, by-owner only or by-dealer only. Once you have selected your choice, you can begin searching for cars for sale in the Charlotte area.

Craigslist provides you with many ways to customize your searches, most of which are located on the left side of the search page. You can modify your search by selecting specific details about your desired purchase, such as a price range, a make and model, a model year or an odometer limit. Each listing should give you a vehicle price and a brief description of the vehicle. Most, but not all, listings include a picture of the vehicle as well.