How Do You Use an Android Device?


Before using the Android device, set up a Gmail account first using Wi-Fi. This enables you to access the services that come with Android, like Google App Store.

Press the power button to reveal the home screen panel. Slide left or right to access additional panels on either side. To customize the home panel for quick access, hold your finger on an open space, then select the combination of shortcuts, widgets or folders of your choice. There are three basic buttons on most Android devices: a back button, a home button and a menu button. Some devices have a search button. Use these keys to navigate through the Android device easily. Tap the square icon at the base of the home panel to access the application launcher. Applications on the device are visible here, usually in rows and columns with labels. Swipe left or right as well to reveal more. Tap on an app’s icon to run it, or hold it and drag it to the home screen.

Android’s notification panel displays incoming information from different services. Notifications appear from email, text, voice mail or social networking applications. Drag down the panel to view them and take appropriate action. Customize an application's notification settings to make them work for you. Also on the notification panel is a quick switch toolbar. From here, you can switch on or off data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS location. Use the device's security settings to create an unlock PIN for your device. Refer to the device's manual for more details.

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