How Do You Update Your Adobe Software?

To update your Adobe software, allow the software to perform the update automatically within the application or perform the update through Alternatively, download the desired version of the update in the form of an executable file and manually install it.

To update Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat automatically within the application, launch it, click on Help and then select the Check for Updates option. Once the software scans your current version, follow the instructions in the Updater window to complete the update process.

To perform an update through the Adobe website, navigate to, click on the Downloads link on the bottom of the page and select the desired Adobe software from the Downloads section. If the page displays the Install Now button, click on it and follow the steps to complete the process. If you don’t want to install the McAfee Security Scan Plus utility alongside the update, uncheck the box in the Optional Offers section before clicking on the Install Now button.

Before downloading the executable update file, check the current version of your Adobe software by clicking on Help and selecting the About Acrobat or About Reader option. Navigate to the Product Updates section on and click on the link that corresponds to your operating system. Select the update version that’s newer compared to the current version of your Adobe software, and double-click on the downloaded file to initiate the update process manually.