How Do You Unclog the Ice Cube Maker in a Freezer?


To remedy a clogged ice cube maker, simply access the ice bay and remove any frozen obstructions, along with any pieces of debris that might impair delivery. This will solve any issues cause solely by the presence of obstructions located in the ice bay inside the freezer itself.

There are multiple other problems that might cause an ice cube maker to stop working. For instance, if water delivery is impaired, there may be a problem with the water filter, not the ice maker. In such cases, replace the water filter and both problems should be rectified.

On occasion, ice flow is also impeded by an issue with the delivery or caddy system located inside the door. In such cases, the ice inside the caddy might melt and then refreeze, causing a blockage that inhibits the function of the interior rotary arm. Try first to loosen the frozen ice, making sure not to damage any of the mechanical components of the system. If this doesn't work, take out the removable portion of the caddy system, thaw it out and dump the contents. After this bin is emptied, put it back in place inside the refrigerator door.The ice maker then produces a new batch of ice, thus restoring proper functioning.

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