What Are Some Typical Questions on Corrections Officer Exam Practice Tests?

Questions that applicants might encounter on a corrections officer exam include those relating to salary over different time periods, questions evaluating basic reading comprehension skills and questions evaluating mastery over industry-specific skills. Corrections officer exams test aspiring officers in three core areas: basic skills, general knowledge and mastery of knowledge specific to the correctional officer career.

Within each of the three core competency areas, the correction officer exam breaks down into several subsections. In the general skills section, for instance, applicants encounter questions covering basic math skills, such as how much officers will receive weekly with a total yearly salary of a fixed amount. Applicants also find questions testing their reading comprehension levels on those exams, such as when and where officers may use physical restraints. Aspiring officers also face questions on language and grammar, such as the correct use of 'their' or "they're" in a sentence.

The basic skills portion asks questions regarding appropriate conduct, such as how officers should interact with difficult clients, customers and the media. Questions cover data entry and clerical skills, along with observational and reasoning skills. The career-specific portion of the test might ask applicants what rights inmates have at all times, when officers may use force, which tasks are and are not part of routine officer duties and how facilities should handle medical emergencies.