What Types of Products Does Exteria Building Products Sell?

Exteria Building Products offers two major lines of merchandise as of 2015: Cedar and Masonry-inspired siding. The Cedar line includes siding designed to look like it is actually made out of cedar without the maintenance that real wood requires. Likewise, the Masonry line is designed to resemble Old-World masonry at its finest despite not including any actual stone. Each line includes a number of distinct products with varying sizes, textures, price points and realism.

Exteria's Cedar products include Hand-Split Shake, RoughSawn Cedar, Cedar Pride, Scalloped Perfection and Cape Cod Perfection. The RoughSawn Cedar product has a mini-line built around it. It includes the RoughSawn Cedar Single product, which can be installed in one 7-foot panel rather than the dual course method normally required, and the RoughSawn Cedar Staggered product with varied shingle widths and heights for a more hand-crafted look.

All cedar products are available in two color schemes: Classic and Weathered. While the Classic colors include pigmentation in nearly any color to reduce the appearance of surface scratches, the premium Weathered line is designed to look like real cedar that has changed color over time due to sun exposure.

Exteria's Masonry products include Stacked Stone, Hand-Cut Stone, Hand-Laid Brick and Creek Ledgestone Premium. Again, two color schemes are offered. The Original Series color scheme replicates the look of dimensionally-correct stone or brick in a variety of colors. It is not available for the Creek Ledgestone Premium product, which instead offers the Premium Series for an even more authentic look. All products also have Enhanced Series color options, which generally reduce the gloss for a grittier, more realistic look and feel.