What Types of Loans Does United Lending Services Offer?

What Types of Loans Does United Lending Services Offer?

United Lending Services is a matching referral service that helps customers find a loan company that will servicepersonal loans, home equity, debt re-consolidation, lines of credit, military, automotive and mortgage loans. United Lending Services charges a service fee if they successfully match a lender with the customer.

United Lending Services helps people with bad credit secure a loan through lenders that agree to work with theircustomers. The company keeps a database of lenders who will consider loans for people with a sub-prime credit rating, according to United Lending Services, however it does not guarantee it will find a lender that agrees to work with their customer.

The website states that United Lending Services is not a payday loan company and has a fixed amount the customer may ask for their loan. It's application process does not includea credit check, therefor not lowing a credit score,or ask for bank account information, according to their Terms of Service.

The matching, or service fee, is applied if the United Lending Service customer secures a loan. Its Terms of Service states that if the fee has been paid but the customer is denied, the referral fee is refunded with written documentation from the lender and the customer.

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