What Types of Information Does the CPS Drug Guide Contain?

The Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties is a Canadian manual that is developed by drug manufacturers and contains detailed information about drugs, natural supplements and vaccines that are sold in Canada, according to the Canadian Pharmacists Association. The compendium is edited by members of the Canadian Pharmacists Association.

The CPS contains drug information that is specific to the Canadian pharmaceutical market and it is available in both French and English, the two national languages of Canada. It is available in print format, online and formatted for mobile devices, and it can be integrated into drug database systems, such as electronic medical records. Much of the content in the print-based compendium is updated annually, and the online and mobile versions are updated on a bi-weekly basis to ensure accuracy and patient safety. The current version as of November 2015 includes information on more than 2000 vaccines, drugs and natural products. It includes specific dosage information, guidelines relevant to the use of drugs in medical practice, an index of generic brand names for drugs, product images and drug indications, states the Canadian Pharmacists Association.

The online version of the CPS contains plainly written versions of medical information that can be given to patients, notes the Canadian Pharmacists Association.