What Types of Fireplaces Are Safe for Installing Gas Logs?

Gas logs are designed to be used with most wood-burning fireplaces, but homeowners should consult a gas log professional for recommendations on which gas logs are best for specific types of wood-burning fireplaces. Gas logs must never be used in gas fireplaces.

Homeowners who are not sure what type of fireplace is installed in the home can check inside the fireplace for metal parts, the presence of which indicates the fireplace is prefabricated. This type of fireplace usually has a metallic label that includes brand information and model number. The label also typically contains log burning instructions. If instructions are not available, a reputable gas log dealer may be able to help. Common types of fireplaces include masonry, prefabricated, vented and ventless.

Masonry fireplaces are made of brick or slate rock and have a visible chimney located on the home exterior. Masonry fireplaces are safe for vented and ventless gas logs. Many prefabricated wood-burning fireplaces can accommodate vented gas logs, but homeowners must get a professional opinion about using ventless gas logs. While ventless fireplaces contained within a metal box might be okay for ventless gas logs, they are not safe to use with vented gas logs. B-vent gas fireplaces resemble wood-burning prefabricated fireplaces, but are not safe for any type of gas logs.

Gas logs of any type should never be used in direct vent fireplaces or in wood-burning or gas-burning stoves.