What Types of Exercises Can You Do Using Total Gym?

Some exercises athletes can perform on the Total Gym include jacknife situps for abs, crossover rows for the back and close-grip chest presses for the chest. For the legs, athletes can perform squats, while lying biceps curls and triceps extensions are great for working the arms.

To perform jacknife situps, the athlete lies down with his back on the glide board, his feet on the squat stand and his arms over his head and in line with his body. He then rolls his upper body up until the lower back is no longer on the glide board and his arms are parallel with his legs.

For crossover rows, the athlete sits at the top of the glide board, grabbing each cable with the opposite hand. The athlete then pulls the cables and slides along with the glide board with the handles close to his navel, making sure to keep the back straight the entire time.

Close-grip chest presses require the athlete to sit on the glide board with his knees bent and hands by the side of his chest. He then slides up on the board by pushing each cable forward and towards the other. Athletes can perform a wide-grip version of this exercise by pushing the cables away from each other.