What Types of Exercises Are Beneficial After Back Surgery?


Exercises that gently strengthen core muslces while supporting the spine, such as the pelvic tilt, are beneficial after back surgery, according to Everyday Health. However, the exact exercises depend on the type of surgery and the patient's personal fitness level.

Patients are generally assigned a physical therapist who begins working with them immediately after their surgeries, reports Spine-health. The therapist typically begins developing an exercise program as little as one day after the surgery because exercise is important for a successful recovery. Patients should follow the physical therapist's plan closely and ask their doctors or therapists about any other types of exercise.

Water exercise is good for back pain, suggests SpineUniverse. It gives a good full-body strengthening workout without lifting or impact. Water aerobics can also be helpful for recovery. Yoga can be good, but it needs to be tailored to people recovering from back pain. Poses that involve too much flexing or movement in the back should be avoided.

Walking is another good low-impact exercise, according to SpineUniverse, but it can cause back aches in some people. People recovering from back surgery should avoid high-impact activities such as jogging. Lifting weights can also cause damage, so it needs to be approached carefully with the help of a physical therapist. Contact sports, including football and volleyball, are dangerous until the back is fully healed.

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