What Types of Cabins Are Available on a Carnival Glory Cruise?

The cabin, or stateroom, options on the Carnival Glory cruise are interior rooms, ocean-view rooms, balcony rooms and suites. These options are the same on any Carnival cruise. The interior staterooms are the smallest and most affordable, while the suites are the largest rooms on the cruise. Every room on the cruise has a private bathroom and the option to book connected rooms.

The interior staterooms on the Carnival Glory cruise measure 185 square feet. Most of the interior state rooms feature twin beds that convert into a king-sized bed, but some rooms have bunk beds. The rooms sleep up to five people.

Ocean-view rooms are 200 square feet or larger, depending on the category. Each room also provides some view of the ocean, and whether that view is visible through a large window or is obstructed also depends on the category. Balcony rooms on the Carnival Glory cruise are 185 square feet or larger, but the rooms also feature furnished balconies.

The sizes of the suites on the Carnival Glory depend on the type, but they are the largest staterooms on the cruise. The suites feature mini bars or refrigerators, priority embarkation and debarkation for the guests, and whirlpool tubs in the deluxe bathrooms.