What Type of Reviews Has Martha Stewart Living Paint Received?

A majority of reviews for Martha Stewart Living paint are positive but there are also negative and mixed reviews as well. Many reviewers mention that the paint is easy to apply and leaves a smooth shining surface, while others complain that it takes too long to dry and leaves streaks.

Many reviews on The Home Depot website rate Martha Stewart Living paint with 5 stars. Several reviewers mention that the paint must be applied in at least two coats in order to achieve a good coverage. Some reviewers indicate that the paint is made from high quality materials enhancing its durability. Others also mention that the paint does not produce any odor when dry.

Several reviewers remark that the paint is easy to clean and that it is affordable. However, some reviewers complain that the paint leaves smudges when dry and that the manufacturer provides very few finish options.

Some reviewers lament that the manufacturer does not provide any manuals on the steps to follow when applying the paint. One reviewer complains that the paint is only applied with specific brushes, which are hard to find if the original ones from the manufacturer are misplaced. Additionally, several reviewers mention that there are only a few color options to choose from.