What Type of Questions Are on the CPR Certification Test?


Questions about the basic function of CPR and the steps in the resuscitation procedure all appear on CPR certification tests. As of 2015, individuals who pass these tests retain their certification for two years before they have to take a refresher course with a new exam.

Some of the questions are designed to ensure that the individual taking the test has grasped both the philosophical importance and general purpose of CPR. The notion that CPR can save lives and that anyone with the proper training can perform it is emphasized by the test questions, which generally take the form of true-false questions that ask about qualifications and the mandate for helping others.

The ABC protocol, which stands for airway, breathing and compression, lists the steps in which a first responder should check for activity in the victim. While a multiple choice question about the order of this progression might seem simple, it is important to remember that progression is vital in an emergency situation,which is when panic is more likely.

The steps of the CPR process form the content for the majority of the test questions. Such knowledge as understanding how to check a potential victim for responsiveness, how to clear an airway, how to perform chest compressions and when the responder should stop performing CPR. Additionally, the importance of calling 911 before starting the process often appears on the test.

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