What Type of Information Should Be on an Employee Schedule?

The information that should appear on an employee schedule includes the date range for the work period, the names of all the companies current employees, and the dates and times in which the business needs staffing. Individual work assignments should include the shift start and end times, the name of the shift, and its total work time.

Employee schedules allow managers to track the times and dates that each employee works over a given period, which may range from a single week to a full month depending on the size and scope of the business. These schedules typically feature the date range at the top of the document along with sections, often in columns, that correspond to each day the business require the presence of employees. Many schedules then feature a series of rows for the employees, with each employee's name appearing on its own row. Optionally, the schedule may list the different shifts available in the rows, which then allows for more flexibility in changing the employees working each day.

In both formats, the schedule includes a market at the intersection of a row and column to denote that a specific employee is working on that day for a specific shift. Individual entries include the start and stop times of the shift, along with the total number of hours to help determine if the employee qualifies for overtime. It may also include the contact information for the employee, such as a phone number or email address.