What Type of Care Do Free Husky Puppies Require?


Free husky puppies need a vet check-up to ensure their basic health, then they need a series of vaccinations to keep them from catching communicable diseases. They need to have a healthy, balanced diet and fresh water available at all times.

Free puppies often come from irresponsible breeders, so part of a free husky puppy's veterinary visit should include an eye exam. Huskies sometimes suffer from hereditary cataracts, which can be detected when the puppy is as young as 12 weeks.

Like all puppies, huskies also need some basic training. They should be put on a regular bathroom schedule and taught to go outside. It is also a good idea to start obedience training early on, especially because huskies are known as an independent and somewhat difficult breed. Owners should be patient with very young puppies because they may have limited attention spans.

Socialization is also important. Puppies need to be exposed to many different dogs, people and situations to help prevent anxiety and behavioral problems later in life. Owners should talk to their veterinarians about how to accomplish this without exposing their puppies to any unnecessary risk of disease. Puppy training classes are a good idea because they generally incorporate both obedience training and structured socialization.

Puppies also need exercise and playtime. Husky puppies may be especially active, because they are a high-energy breed. Too much exercise can damage growing bones, however, so owners should discuss age-appropriate activity with their veterinarians.

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