What TV Shows Were Cancelled in 2014?

CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and CW networks cancelled 24 television shows in 2014. Networks discontinued both long-running shows like "Community" and newer series like "Dracula.”

CBS canceled the science-fiction show "Intelligence," the comedy "Bad Teacher" and the experimental 15-episode run of "Hostages." Despite the talents of stars Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, "The Crazy Ones" did not make it. While "Friends" writer Dana Klein also wrote "Friends With Better Lives," it was not good enough to survive in the ratings.

In addition to "Community" and "Dracula," NBC removed "Growing up Fisher," "Believe," "Revolution" and "Crisis" from its schedules. NBC cancelled "Welcome to the Family" after three episodes. ABC chose not to renew comedies like "Mixology," "The Neighbors," "Super Fun Night" and "Trophy Wife." The network pulled Christian Slater’s drama “Mind Games” after just five episodes.

The CW network cancelled "Star Crossed" and "The Carrie Diaries." "The Tomorrow People," which was based on a 1970s British cult classic, did not survive in the ratings. Fox decided not to produce more episodes of "Rake," an American version of an Australian show, "Surviving Jack," "Almost Human" and "Enlisted," a show favored by critics but not by audiences. The network cancelled "Dads" after it made viewers angry with sexist and racist humor.