How Do You Turn a Nail Design From an Idea Into Reality?

In order to create a unique, custom manicure with a nail design idea, choose from the many nail polishes, stencils, brushes or appliques available to accomplish the desired look; creating nail designs require a base coat, a nail polish and top coat. Depending on the idea to be achieved, nail dotters, nail stripers, nail art brushes, stationery tape and desired nail accessories may be needed.

There are many special effect nail polishes, nail art tools and nail appliques and wraps available in retail stores and online to help accomplish a nail design.

Nails should be polished with a base coat, a nail color and a top coat to extend the manicure. Nail dotters make dots and circle patterns and can be purchased or made from a bobby pin, the tip of a liner lid or anything that will not absorb the nail polish and will make consistent circles. To add stripes or painted art to the nails, a set of nail art brushes or nail polish that comes with a striper brush rather than a conventional brush can add details, stripes and objects to the design.

In order to make fingernail wraps out of photos, pictures or any design, use an application like myNCLA, which is a free download from iTunes. The application allows users to transform any image into nail wraps available for purchase.