How Do You Troubleshoot a Kenmore Range?


When troubleshooting a Kenmore range, first identify the problem; the issue could either be with the top elements of the range, the oven or the broiler. You can fix some simple issues by replacing top elements.

If only one of the top elements is facing heating issues, carefully remove that element and replace it with a currently working element. If the previously operational element does not work in this location, it means that the terminal block is defective and needs replacement.

If the interchanged element works in the location, check the infinite switch. Disconnect the range from the wall outlet and dismantle the rear panel of the range. Locate the control terminal of the non-operational element and test the reading between two terminals using a volt-ohm meter set to RX1. If the reading is zero, then the switch is working fine; otherwise, it needs to be changed. If the switch is working fine, then the element itself is defective and requires replacement.

To troubleshoot the oven, inspect the heating elements of the oven for any damage. Using a volt-ohm meter set to RX1, test the terminals of each of the elements. A reading other than 20-25 ohms indicates a defective element.

To troubleshoot the broiler, probe the terminals of the heating element using a volt-ohm meter set to RX1. A reading other than 15-18 ohms indicates a defective element.

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