How Do You Treat Mange in Dogs?

How Do You Treat Mange in Dogs?

Mange in dogs is treated by first isolating the infected animal, then treating it with antiparisitic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic medications to help restore skin to a healthy condition and prevent the mange from recurring, as noted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The effectiveness of these treatments depends heavily on the health of the dog.

Mange treatments typically take up to a month to present results. Only after two subsequent skin scrape tests present negative results will the treatment process be discontinued. A final scrape is often recommended as a safety measure a month after treatment ends.

  1. Isolate the animal
  2. Infected dogs have to be kept apart in isolation. This can be stressful for the animal, especially dogs used to receiving lots of physical attention, but it is necessary to prevent the condition from spreading.

  3. Medicate the animal
  4. Medication can halt and in some cases reverse the progress of mange. This can lead to a full recovery for young, healthy dogs. Medication fights secondary skin infections from scratching, dampens the reflex to scratch and fights off parasites.

  5. Dispose of infected bedding
  6. Any bedding or toys used by infected animals should be immediately disposed of, preferably by burning. This safety measure prevents recurrence and removes a potential source of new infections in previously healthy humans and animals.

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