How Do You Transfer Photos From a Phone to a PC?


To transfer pictures from your phone to your computer, remove the storage media from your phone or plug the phone in to your computer, copy the image files, and paste them to the directory where you want to store them. The process varies between different phone models and depends on what storage methods your computer has.

  1. Connect the storage media of the phone to the PC

    If your computer has an SD card slot, you can remove the SD card of your phone, insert it and wait for it to show up as a removable drive. Otherwise, plug the phone charger into an available USB slot. The phone as a whole then displays as a removable drive.

  2. Open the image folder of the phone

    Find the images in your image folder or search for all files with a .jpg extension in the directory and subdirectories of your phone.

  3. Select the images to copy

    Hold the Ctrl button while clicking to select multiple files, then press Ctrl + C to copy them to the clipboard. You can also right-click and select the Copy option.

  4. Paste the images

    Open the folder where you want to paste the images, click anywhere in it, and press Ctrl + V to paste them. Ensure the destination location has enough space.

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