What Traits Do Leaders Have?


Leaders have a combination of personality traits, including charisma, confidence and charm, that attract followers and gain their loyalty or respect. Leaders exist in all areas of social life, including in business, politics and education. Although covering different areas, leaders attract others through their conveyance of ideas, concepts and goals.

Some leaders possess innate tendencies to control and dominate. They express unusually high levels of self-confidence and charm. Others acquire confidence, communication skills and charisma through life experiences. Leaders typically arise from social influences instead of political or authoritarian influences. They emerge as leaders through the support of fellow citizens, rather than the encouragement of superiors. To achieve the title of "leader," individuals require a crowd of followers. Supporters can consist of small social groups and entire nations.

Leaders possess many different personality traits and characteristics. Some exude happiness and generosity; others instill fear and lead by using or implying the use of force. In addition to their personalities, leaders differ in educational backgrounds and levels of intelligence. Some exhibit high degrees of brilliance, while others do not. Leaders arise from different socioeconomic classes as well. Some come from wealthy backgrounds, while others work their way up the social ladder through personal drive. Leaders take many titles, including neighbors, business executives, priests and teachers.

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