How Do You Track Veteran Health Benefits and Services Using My HealtheVet?

Track veteran health benefits and services by creating an advanced or premium account on My HealtheVet. These accounts link your health care information to Veterans Administration and Department of Defense records. A premium account requires you to go through authentication online or in person.

Although a basic My HealtheVet account allows you to self-enter personal health care information, only advanced or premium accounts, available to veterans or VA patients, let you view your VA or Department of Defense medical history. Advanced accounts do not require authentication and allow you to view VA medications, allergy information and adverse reactions and refill VA prescriptions online. To access allergy and adverse reactions information, log into your account, select Track Health, and select Health History. To access the prescription tracker to view medications or refill prescriptions, click on the red Pharmacy tab in your account.

To upgrade to a premium My HealtheVet account, go through authentication online or at a VA medical center. With a premium account you can view VA admissions, discharges, laboratory results, immunizations and other medical information. Log into your account, click on Download My Data, and select the data you want to access. To create a Continuity of Care document to share with health care providers, download your VA health summary in Adobe PDF or XML file format.