What Is the Total Gym XL?

The Total Gym XL is a fully-equipped in-home gym system designed to offer its users a full-body workout while taking up minimal space. The Total Gym XL is an older model currently replaced by the newer, sleeker XLS. Featuring over 80 exercises, this home workout machine requires no assembly.

The Total Gym XL is designed to work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, providing a more efficient and effective workout. The XL ships with an upgraded pulley system, flexible nylon strap handles and a padded glideboard with had support. In addition to the equipment, the XL comes with and instructional DVD, workout DVDs and pre-designed fitness plans for the beginner, intermediate and advanced user. These DVDs are designed empower the user to get better results from the equipment. Ideally suited for users up to 6'2" in height and sturdy enough to handle 400 lbs, this compact machine is a space efficient option for many users.

Total Gym is a San Diego based company that specializes in bodyweight training equipment. In addition to being widely used by physical therapy clinics, hospitals, and professional sports teams, Total Gym is widely distributed to individual consumers through infomercials. With over 4 million units sold in over 23 countries, Total Gym is a leading provider of in-home fitness equipment.