What Are Some Top-Rated Wood Burning Stoves?

Top-rated wood burning stoves include the Lopi Endeavor, Hearthstone Heritage soapstone wood stove and Vermont Castings Encore. Other stoves that rate highly include the WoodPro wood stove.

The Lopi Endeavor has low emissions, can reach 72,000 British thermal units and heats up to 2,000 square feet. A bypass damper prevents fires from rekindling, and an auto-start is available as an optional add on for those who want a stove that kindles itself.

People looking for a stove that lasts for upwards of eight hours should try the Hearthstone Heritage soapstone wood stove. Although it is slow to get going, it provides long lasting heat and is ideal for people who want to run their stove throughout the winter. Alternatively, the Vermont Castings encore lasts for around 12 hours and can accommodate logs that are 22 inches in length. It's environmentally friendly, and benefits from thermostatic air control.

The WoodPro wood stove rates highly for its cost-effectiveness and 68,000 Btu output. It heats around 1,000 square feet for up to eight hours, making it useful for smaller spaces. In addition, it comes with a large window that offers a good view of the fire, adjustable heat settings and a blower that allows users to move heat around.