What Are the Top Fifty Names for Baby Girls?

What Are the Top Fifty Names for Baby Girls?

Names that topped the list of 50 most popular girl names in the year 2013 were Sophia, Emma, Olivia, and Isabella, according to the Social Security Administration's website. In 2014, most of the same names held top spots, with Ava edging out Isabella to rank fourth in popularity, says Babycenter.

Other names that appeared near the top of the list both in 2013 were Ava and Emily. The trend in 2014 was to revisit traditional female names, states an article by Laura Grande for Today's Parent. This trend toward the traditional is evident in other popular names for the year such as Charlotte, Lily and Amelia, which were also included in the top 50.

While the top few baby girl names are more traditional in style, the complete list of the top 50 does have a wide variety of styles of names. Aria sits comfortably in the middle of the list, along with Harper and Mackenzie.

For the most accurate lists of the top names by year, visit the Social Security Administration website. Other websites, such as Babycenter, also generate yearly lists of the most popular baby names. To find lists of certain types of names such as unique, classic or foreign, visit a site such as Babycenter or Nameberry, both of which compile lists of names in many different categories.

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