What Are Some Tips for Taking a Motorcycle Tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway?

Some tips for taking a motorcycle tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway are to check at a visitor center for any closures or events, wear full protective gear, keep headlamps turned on and approach curves with care. Yellow signs warn of tight curves.

There is a speed limit of 45 miles per hour throughout the Blue Ridge Parkway, which contains many sharp curves and steep hills. BlueRidgeMotorcycling.com offers advice on motorcycling safety in the mountains, including correct lane placement when negotiating curves and hills. There are plenty of stopping places where motorcyclists can pull over safely to enjoy the views, and a number of biker-friendly restaurants and lodges along the route. There are also picnic areas and camping grounds for motorcyclists who have space for a packed lunch and camping gear. VirtualBlueRidge.com offers maps and visitor advice and information.