What Are Some Tips for Selling a House on a Website?


Tips for selling a house through a website include providing numerous high resolution pictures of its interior and exterior, writing a clear list of the home's amenities and benefits, and making repairs to the home before creating the listing. It is often helpful to share the home's listing on social media accounts or to make a video walk through of the home.

Regardless of the site, home owners need to ensure that the property is in proper condition before making any posts. This includes cleaning the interior and exterior as well as making any repairs to improvements to increase usability and add function, thus increasing the resale value. For example, replacing broken floor tiles or updating light fixtures helps the home appear more complete and gives a more professional appearance to buyers. After completing the repairs, the home owner should take multiple pictures of each room in the home to give buyers a clear understanding of the space.

If the site supports video uploads, it's a good idea to shoot a short video walking through the home to give buyers a first-person view of the property, which may or may not include narration that explains the rooms and features. Additionally, the owner should make a list of all the features of the home to include with the posting, such as the number of bedrooms, the presence of a fire place or any special additions to the property.

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