What Are Some Tips for Preparing for a Standards of Learning Test?

The most effective ways to prepare for the Virginia Standards of Learning tests involve reviewing key concepts, controlling stress and practicing good test-taking skills on the day of the exam. Students prepare for these tests throughout the school year with class assignments, homework and academic projects, but a comprehensive review prior to test administration improves most students' scores. There are several free online resources with quizzes and practice tests to help students study and prepare.for their exams.

SOLPass.org specializes in science and social studies review materials, particularly in elementary and middle school grades, but also has a collection of tests and quizzes for high school math and science subjects. The IQ site provides an assortment of released Department of Education activities, along with grade-appropriate tests and quizzes in all core subjects. IXL offers comprehensive lists of state standards based on grade level and includes practice activities for each standard.

Students should get a good night's rest before the test and should start their mornings with a healthy, balanced breakfast. It is important to arrive at school on time with all of the supplies needed to successfully complete the standards of learning test, including pencils, erasers, scratch paper and calculators, if permitted. Deep-breathing exercises and positive thinking often help nervous students relax, take their time and avoid unnecessary mistakes.